found the ut sticker on the floor at an EL station…

found the ut sticker on the floor at an EL station near the turn stile. Found the Avoid Monoculture as part of a larger punk band. So I clipped it off. Another conversation starter, stopper. Posted by Hello



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3 responses to “found the ut sticker on the floor at an EL station…

  1. Anonymous

    Great conversation starter,does it work? I wonder if it would work with mono-theogoly? Twenty years ago in the church I went to the most often asked theological question I heard was (are you pre-trib or post trib?).When I get asked this question now I tell them that I am a Amillennialist,and I don’t believe in a rapture,I get some strange looks.Some aren’t sure I am a. Christian.That’s if they know what Amillennialism is!

  2. chris

    Yes I too have problems understanding or even communicating with fellow Christians. I’ve learned by experience that the word “Christian” means every sort of thing in our society. It helps not to judge one way or the other. But I admit there are folks I just avoid altogether simply because we’ve got nothing nice to say to each other. They know where I stand I know where they stand. And we leave it at that.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree we should not judge One-way or the other. I have friends who are Dispensationalist and oddly enough they’re all Republicans, and yet I still love them. And they love me, although they sometimes give me strange looks when I tell them what I believe.

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