I’ve been working for the last two weeks on this a…

I’ve been working for the last two weeks on this article on how JPUSAs use the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and identify with the aims of his community. My biggest hurdle is to make all these academic texts accessible to lay folk. Taking lofty propositional truths and clarifying them is a dance to say the least. The big test will be when I’m ready to share it with others. Martha has read it and found it too lofty for her. I’m getting to the most academic part, on the need for Bonhoeffer’s Bruderhaus and the need for JPUSA. Its far easier to comment on the need and impact of an extinct community. JPUSA is well known and controversial enough to make any comparisons I draw a strain. Craig Slane comments on the need for rituals in Bonhoeffer’s community to counteract the Nazi nature propaganda and rituals. I wish I could draw a straight line between the American consumer cult and JPUSAs daily activities. There’s no way to call them ritual though. And how our activities effect behavior is hard to tell as well.


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