Choosing Not to Cuss

On Choosing not to Cuss:

Does it really offend you Holy Spirit when four letter words fall off my
lips? Why? Is it because you’re so easily offended and moralistic? Is it
because you’re too good for me? Does the music I listen to offend you
because it is not Praise? Is your favorite station WMBI? Are you
offended by all the rest? Holy Spirit are you too holy for all of us
here in Chicago? Is Benny Hinn really your kind of man? Why are you not
offended by his greeting every morning? (“Good Morning, Holy Spirit” was
an old book by him.)

These questions reveal a bit of bitterness in me, its true. Why this
rash of interrogation? Because I’ve been wrestling lately with the
question of profanity. I don’t cuss because it doesn’t suit me. But
profanity reveals a deep anger and bitterness in me that is very close
to my heart. That’s scary to be sure. But how else can the fear and the
rage be pronounced? Its how my neighbors express themselves and I find
it tempting. Less sinful than smoking or drinking or whoring to be sure.
Its only tempting deep inside me.

Holy Spirit I know you’re not too dainty for my world. Not too quaint,
not too small. I offend you because you love me. My faith I fear is
quaint, dainty, small, maybe even handicapped. You are strong and bold.
You cut through all the crap to the real me. You are no doubt offended
not by the language but by the force inherent in the ribold rejection of
your Ways. The language reveals the bitterness. And so, as I do every
day. I surrender my emotions Father God, Jesus Lover of my soul, Sweet
Holy Spirit. I am broken. You are the cure. Have your way with me. I
choose not to cuss. I surrender. Because you are strong. I am the weak
one. Cussing is a false armor for my conceit. A false armor for the fear
and rage. It makes me sound big, creates a front which does not suit me.
Christ be between me and all others this day. Between me and the words I
speak. Christ you are the only Significance.



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2 responses to “Choosing Not to Cuss

  1. Gordon

    Thank you for the humble reminder. Daily I struggle with the same “I” and your prayer for Jesus between me and my words, me and the world is well received.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Chris,

    You are righteous IN HIM. You are Holy, IN HIM. You are justified IN HIM. He loves you right now the same as He loved you before you were born and the same as He will at your last breath on this earth and your first breath in heaven. You are His.

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