With God On Our Side

“Barbaric” screamed the headline of the Chicago Sun Times this morning.
A mimic I suppose of the Governor’s words of comfort after the subway
killings in London yesterday. Condi signed a condolence book. Blair and
Bush said our resolve is strong. We all feel better. Buddy Miller is
singing “With God On Our Side” on my Itunes. A few lines struck me a
different way just now. WWI: the singer doesn’t know why we’re fighting.
After WWII the Germans are forgiven, though six million Jews are dead,
but yes, they now have God on their side. Then its the Russians. The
question is where does it stop? Yesterday innocent die from “Barbaric”
acts and our leaders offer comfort by saying “This is what we’re
fighting for.” And as long as we’re fighting we have God on our side.
This tangled weave of violence, assurance, war, and now more terrorism
beg the questions: Why Me, Why Us? Why Death? Who will protect us from
ourselves? Its easiest not to think about it at all. Personally I’m
irritated by our leaders. They offer assurances because that’s their job
but do any of us really feel safer? I hate the spectacle of the news
after such acts. I hate the helpless passive gaze forced upon me. Christ
be between me and all this news. Christ be with all the victims and yes
with the perpetrators. Christ give me strength to feel. Christ give us
hands and feet to do something. Give me just one thing to do today to
counter that abhorrent act. And every recent abhorrent act between
humans that is far less than human be it in conscious warring or
otherwise. One simple thing please.


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