on a-bomb day i had nothing to say

I was struck dumb on the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Look up Hiroshima on Wiikipedia and read all the pros and cons, that’s what i did. I wanted to blog but my emotion struck me dumb. Brian Walsh gave a lecture at Cornerstone Festival in 2003 on Postmodernity and Empire. He said that being postmodern is never being able to get over the Bomb. That historical event overshadows every other action postmodern Americans take. I read this quote from the new ‘Ethics,” volume 6 in the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works project: pg. 77, second paragraph:

“That evil appears in the form of light, of beneficence, of faithfulness, of renewal, that it appears in the form of historical necessity, of social justices, is for the commonsense observer a clear confirmation of its profound evilness.”

I read that and I think of the use of the bomb on Nagasaki. Hiroshima was not enough. Somehow Japan wouldn’t have surrendered with Hiroshima. We had to drop it again. And what of it all now? Is it even an issue anymore?
I think it should be.


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