Can we agree to disagree pt. II

I just gave examples that no doubt are easily named among political
rightists. But leftist examples are also clear:
turning a blind eye to sexual immorality, calling same sex marriage God
ordained, backing equally selfish leftist demagogues in their bid for
power, scripture twisting (just like the rightists) until it clearly
fits an agenda, demonizing and lying about the opposition, and finally
the idolatry of making God useful for their purposes.

God is of no use to either rightists or leftists. We all stand under his

Now back to the agree to disagree, we should ask not for what we can
agree on but whether our only final option is separation. The truth is
the Evangelical landscape is so all encompassing that various works have
been in opposition to one another for years. The media spotlight now
aggravates it to be sure. I am personally amazed by groups like the
National Association of Evangelicals who have rightists at the helm and
many leftist and progressive thinkers helping to frame policy now who
are surely in large disagreement.


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