Can we agree to disagree?

Is it possible for Christians to agree on essentials, namely Christ’s
person and work, and vehemently disagree on matters of social,
political, and public relations? That’s a question that’s been really
bugging me lately. Did Jesus come to bring peace and harmony and are
disagreements like these only getting in the way? I’m not so sure its so
cut and dry. The book of First John addresses both of these issues and
more. First he warns against those who deny Christ as the Son but he
equally warns that true Christians are known by their deeds. But for
those asking the question he admonishes to Love our brothers and
sisters. There is a lot packed into this little book! There is a time
to overlook one another’s faults and bear with weaker members. But out
of love for Christ the work of exposing harmful directives (such as the
suggestion to assassinate leaders, to amass wealth even in shady deals,
to teach women they are naturally weaker and subservient to men, or that
one nation is God-ordained to commit crimes against another) for what
they are: sinful and against Christ’s work.


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