I just got the latest issue of No Depression magaz…

I just got the latest issue of No Depression magazine. Its the ten year anniversary issue. It has Nickel Creek on the cover and interviews with Rodney Crowell, Son Volt, Marty Stuart, and of course Nickel Creek (never cared much for them, my wife luuuuuuuuuuuvs them though). Anyway, much is changing with this issue. They’re officially dropping the moniker Alt. Country. They promise a new website soon with a blog. Oh and did I mention this issue includes a ten year retrospective on every previous mag they’ve done. And a top 25 list of albums over the last 10 years. If you don’t subscribe get down to your local Borders/B&N/franchise–originality killing–chain bookstore and pick up a copy!! I’m sure I’ll find plenty in this issue for use in my writing whenever the book deadline is past. (Lord haste the day!)


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