Been Readin. . .

On the train back from MO I had some time to read John Steele Gordan’s History of American Economic Power (or something like that, sorry). Also been poking through Karl Barth’s Preaching Through the Christian Year, his section on “Man and Woman”–the exegesis of one flesh. Also Bonhoeffer’s new DBW Edition of Ethics . I’ve read the Intro and Afterword and earlier and then poked through “Heritage and Decay” last night. Much less troublesome for me than “Ethics as Formation.” Also poking through Cardinal’s manager Whitey Herzog’s White Rat. How’s that for a changeup?!! Go Sox and Cards. Please let it be in 2005. Not that I’m really even watching baseball much. I’m such a fairweather fan. Also reading Karl Barth’s Theological Exegesis. I want to prepare a huge review bonanza on Barth for like I did for Bonhoeffer earlier this year. I could do it in December when he died or for the 120th anniversary of his birth in May ’06. Either way I really need to know my stuff for this review and do it carefully and attentively as a layman with his cards clearly on the table.
The print deadline for the book we’re publishing Season of Joy by Jim Benes is due Tuesday! Pray for me as I work my tail off this weekend. Hopefully a gang of us will be working. . . but we’ll see.

On play is John Prine’s song “Other Side of Town” from his album “Fair and Square.” The thrill of his song “Some Humans Ain’t Human” has long worn off now. It only serves to remind me to pray for humans I’m so quick to criticize and I’m startin to see those other five fingers pointing back at me. The song goes:

“Some humans ain’t human/some people ain’t kind/you open up their hearts /and here’s what you find/a few frozen pizzas/some icecubes with hair/a broken popcicle/you don’t wanna go there”

and then it goes on basically comiserating over the resentments us liberals no doubt feel all the time toward folks in power, our neighbors, and other folks in church. While I sympathize with the sentiment I pity the singer if he’s unable to see his own judgemental attitude in the song.

The Twelve Steps teach that when I’m not at peace something’s wrong with me. Socially and politically there’s constant unrest with me and I’m sure all Americans with their eyes open. May I reach out for prayer for my government and myself during these fearful times. Its so easy to accuse, and sink into insanity and resentment. God help me to pray.


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