While its true I haven’t been posting about it, for at least four years now I’ve been enjoying the Chicago White Sox with partial season tickets. I’ve been following all the playoff and series games ardently and they’ve given more reason to believe last night than ever before! With my wife and youngest daughter sick I elected to watch the game in my own room rather than down on third floor with the Sox rally.
(Down in the rally room during game two my glasses were knocked off and scratched up by the beautiful malaise of Konerko’s Grand Slam. I’ll always cherish the crazy surprising embarrassing hug I shared with an officemate of mine. And the scratches at eye level I’m forced to look through are a better personal testament of my devotion than any White Sox hat I wish I owned.)
By 10:30pm Martha and I were fading fast and with the words “I still believe my Sox can take this game” falling from my lips we went to bed. The next morning sure enough they had come through!

Now what could be sweeter than a Sweep tonight in Houston? George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch. I saw Barbara in the audience last night rooting for Houston. Couldn’t the prez come out to root for his home state team? I would relish the thought of a Democratic town’s working class southpaw team sticking it to the man! Well I’m dreaming such hostile fantasies anyway.


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