in this together

I asked an older and wiser friend how he deals with financial woe and he
reminded me that we’re in this thing together. Living in an intentional
community, we work for a common good. Sometimes we go in debt together.
I can’t help but feel bummed about that. But we’re all feeling bummed.
Sometimes I bear the weight of my job alone and I just have to call and
share it and recieve prayer. Its not fair really to bear the burden
alone. If I get under it I take it out on brothers and sisters in anger
or in a depressive slump, so yeah, prayer is always better than trying
to bear the weight alone. That’s what faith is about. Pray, don’t give
up, put one step in front of the other. Believe God will get me through
this again. Truthfully I most likely will forget in a while how bummed
I’ve been that last month.

Another thought, as an American I bear in the sufferings of a nation at
the moment. Even with all the triumphal talk from Washington its clear
that with thousands of displaced Hurricane Victims and thousands of
fallen sons and daughters to this Iraq Occupation we’re all suffering.
In this Advent season we all await the Savior in a time of desperate need.
I keep thinking of this song:
“Lady Poverty” lyrics
Talbot Brothers Collection

Lady poverty love me tonight
dress me in sackcloth
where once i wore white
and disperse my fine linens
to the naked and the poor
lady poverty enter my door
give me the riches of my lord

let all suffering come to an end
embracing all hunger let me call it my friend
let my love be made perfect without seeking reward
lady poverty enter my door
give me the riches of my Lord

and if Jesus was a poor man
then like him i too must be
and if Jesus was a beggar than lift me up
to my knees

for if love never seeks out its own
if love always gives when theres no reward shown
let us be beggars and paupers and servants at best
laboring always so that others might rest
that the sweet name of jesus our tongues might confess


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