We’re having a wonderful time down here in Missour…

We’re having a wonderful time down here in Missouri for Christmas. Yesterday went so well that I remarked this morning to Martha that she has a wonderful family and things couldn’t have gone more perfect for Christmas. All the little frets and what ifs were for naught. We’ll be down here until the New Year. The weather is great today. Really sunny and pleasant. The kids all smell like outside. My son was out with his cousin standing on a huge burning brush pile roasting marshmellows. They had doffed their shirts and as they climbed and we watched from a distance we admitted a bit of fear. Noone knew of any aerosol or butane products in the area so it must be fine. The men closed their right eyes again to return to their afternoon naps. And I retired to the trailer to watch Son Volt’s “Okemah and the Melody of Riot” DVD documentary. I bought myself a 512 mb sd card for Christmas and now use our cheap little DV camera/video/media player a lot more. I’ve got to rename all the music files to get them to play in order. Still cheaper than an IPod. Not being a walking billboard is priceless.


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