Pray for Palestine and Israel

It doesn’t look like Ariel Sharon is going to make it. I’m praying for his healing. Still Israel is facing realities and suiting up his successor. These last five years have been earthquake proportion for this little region on the planet. Let’s face it, with clear eyes I have to admit that Ariel Sharon has brought Israel further forward in recognizing Palestine’s nationality and autonomy than any other previous Prime Minister. Even Yitzhak Rabin could not fully bring himself to make the public declarations of intent for Palestinian autonomy and nationality Sharon has made and of course would have never considered a pull out from Gaza. Now of course you know the other hand, that Sharon has been more militant that any before and made targeted killings a norm for any future administrations. Though hopefully his history would show they don’t work. Let us pray for peace and the reality of a new strong state for Palestine. Elections will be held soon. We all know from recent history that Israel gives very little autonomy or trust to new Palestinian governments. With honest knowledge of Israel’s history let’s pray for her future. Even in the face of Military and Corporate control and desire, I pray that God would bring these two peoples to share the land and live prosperously. These people have much to teach us about the possibilities for coexistence. God loves humans, specifically these humans, and he loves His Creation. Let’s pray and work for the redemption of it in accordance with His Will.


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