Pick and choose

“OK Jesus, I’ll be part of your church but I want to pick and choose my
friends based on whether or not they agree with me or whether we have
things in common. I’ve got a checklist here involving politics, liturgy,
art, philosophy and theology. As soon as the preacher really has
something to say that I haven’t heard before or that I can resonate with
based on my list, than I’ll let his words sink in. As soon as our
worship team sounds as good as my CDs than I’ll really “enter in.” As
soon as the whole congregation gets a clue on the current geo-political
situation than I’ll start really hanging out here. As soon as you people
give me some reason not to pull away from the parking lot at noon I’ll
do that. Sheesh, who needs the church?!!”
What sort of place does that kind of thinking have in building up the
Kingdom? Uh. . . . I’ll get back to you on that one.


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