Let’s remember that CPT are part of the 268 forei…

Let’s remember that CPT are part of the 268 foreigners kidnapped since May 2003.
The Brookings Institute is keeping a tally. In an article titled “What’s driving the kidnappings in Iraq?” two authors offer the big picture of what’s happening in Iraq. Pray for the release of these captives, but pray for the end of the Iraqi Occupation. Pray for an end to the madness overall. Remember that these Peacemakers knew the odds going in and chose their work carefully.


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  1. john

    Thanks for bearing witness on behalf of the CPT captives. In the midst of monitoring communications for our daily updates, it is important not to be carried away by the parade of headlines.

    I’ve been reflecting a lot throughout this ordeal on what I’ve learned from having Tom Fox as a friend and mentor. I’ve been in some tense situations with him over the years (though nothing quite as tense as this) and I think that if anyone can bring a clear and calm mind to the situation, he can. I think that a lot of what we need to know to assess the big picture and develop long-term support for Tom’s work in Iraq, we can learn from Tom’s witness, even now as we face the unknown.

    The readiness of these men to endure isolation, suffering, and sacrifice in order to serve others levels a prophetic and moral challenge to all Quakers and Christians, indeed to all covenanting communities. I hope that we are able to faithfully wrestle with these challenges, discerning the bigger picture and our prophetic and practical role within it.

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