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I spent some time today visiting the various web features. For those who don’t know about it, 3x church is a ministry aimed at educating people to the dangers of pornography and helping porn stars get out of the industry. They visit churches and trade shows trying to bring the gospel to the industry. They have some insight into the fact that secretly many church members already know the industry and buy it’s services. I’ve known about 3x church for some time but spent hours today trying to formulate my opinion on them. I downloaded a podcast episode. I downloaded tv evangelist James Robinson’s interview with the two pastors and a former porn star.

My reason for reading and digesting all this material was a conversation I had with a friend today about their recent run-in with the American Bible Society over the cover art they wanted printed on 10,000 bibles. These were going to be handed out at Adult trade conventions. The cover simply read in 70’s retro art “Jesus loves Porn Stars”. ABS refused to publish, sent back their money and suggested various other titles. 3x church already sells t-shirts with this design and has booths with the design. It could have been a lot worse. They could have had Wally the Weiner, the giant blow-up penis on the cover. They use this gimmick with the sign in front “Do you have the balls enough to quit viewing porn?” The title cover is not so bad anymore huh? So anyway, as my friend and I were discussing this I laid out what I felt was wrong. Jesus doesn’t love people on the basis of their profession right? So why give away a Bible on that basis? And then we discussed all the ministry aspects of how these folks are reaching people and how God alone knows the fruit.

So anyway, the conversation caused me to further education myself about 3x church and its tactics. Here are some observations: the whole thing is very market oriented. They use trendy advertisements to get to know people and strike up conversations. They use Christian and secular media to get their name out there. They rely on other ministries for the follow up work with individuals struggling with pornography. Generally their approach seems to suggest that while pornography is addictive, Jesus is the miracle cure. On a podcast they ask a former porn star whether all the sex scarred her toward future relationships. Her answer was no, and that the whole experience was only one step in a better life direction. Those seem like conflicting messages. Which is it? An addiction or just a hole anyone can get out of? I don’t want to discount miracle cures but it seems to me that if porn is like heroine these guys should be looking to something like the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA. Finally, it is interesting to me that two pastors who don’t seem to have any real background using pornography could develop such a burden for it. If you look at other ministries like Exodus International or Love in Action, the directors are usually people who were directly influenced and effected by the disease. In this case these guys were just called.

All in all I’m thankful for the work 3x church is doing to talk about pornography where it is needed. Most of all I’m thankful that they’re putting their money where their mouth is offering a way for those trapped in the industry to get out and find work and a better way of life. All that said, it would be very easy on every level to wonder how an industry built on deceit and conning could find insiders willing to stop right away and finally get completely honest. I will be praying for these guys and their work in the future. I’m glad they’re shedding light on the topic of our frail human sexuality. Pornography thrives on silence and secrecy. It is readily available and easily hidden. Faith is only possible in lives capable of rigorous honesty.



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  1. the Prince of Thrift

    Thanks for the lead, I just posted an article at:

    I even quoted you.

    It is my hope that the differences between these wo ministries can be resolved and that the Bibles are soon printed.

    – D. K. Surbaugh

  2. chris

    The issue does involve marketing. I think it is a double standard to niche market Bibles and then specifically tell particular niche markets that Bibles are not for them. The real question is whether the Bible is intended for the Porn industry. Do Porn stars want to read the New Testament? Well, as these guys are pointing out, maybe no one is asking that question! The trouble with markets and money is that it depends on demand. 3x church says there’s a demand, the American Bible Society says that demand in the case of the New Testament should be by a spiritual audience. Well I say its fine to make that argument but then don’t call all housewives or male golfers or the armed services or even the homeless are all spiritual audiences but that those in the pornography industry could never be. The trouble with marketing Bibles is that you’re saying “We’re spiritual and we want to be sure you are too. We want to appeal to your better nature.”
    America is overrun with Bibles. It has been for centuries. But still marketers find new ways of tailoring them to new audiences. That’s their job, it feeds their kids. They’ll sell a porn star a Bible they just don’t want to know about it. And they don’t want to sell it to them on the basis of their profession. I say it’s a double standard. The Bible has a lot to say about sex. 3x church wants to talk about it. ABS does not.
    I guess that sounds harsh but that’s the way I see it.

  3. the Prince of Thrift


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