My beloved prof’s website

Well, I’m going to take a risk and tell you who that beloved prof is who was so ambivalent about Bonhoeffer. I do this because I still appreciate his work for the Kingdom of God. Dale Brueggeman served as theology professor at Central Bible College where I attended. He began work for the Division of Foreign Missions for the Assemblies of God in 1994 and is now involved in Eurasia Education Services. Maybe he will have forgotten all of the aforementioned conversations and me in particular. Nevertheless his mission work goes on and I’m grateful for it. I also recall in that same semester that I took Philosophy, Theology 1 and 2 at the same time. So as one prof discussed whether God existed another took it on faith. As Dale assured us of God’s judgment, my soteriology prof leaned on God’s desire that all be saved. Talk about a ride! I remember hearing from Dale one morning that hell was God’s intention and from Vernon later the same day that it was not God’s desire. When I interjected in Vernon’s class a point from Dale’s, Vernon grabbed my desk spun me in front of the class and began erratically pointing a finger in my face to make his point. There were wounds licked and tears shed in my dark corner of the library that evening. But I got better. Vernon apologized later. Lesson from all this: don’t play a Westminster doctorate and a Fuller doctorate off each other on the judgment of God. At least not in the middle of the lesson in front of the class.



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2 responses to “My beloved prof’s website

  1. Rich Tatum

    Vernon Purdy? Yowie? He seems like such a gentle man! What an odd show, especially for CBC. I never attended CBC, but I went to SAGC (before it became a “U”) and I worked at A/G HQ in springfield and knew some of the profs. One of my best friends taught there for several years, Dr. Steve Badger, who now teaches at Evangel.

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing.



  2. chris


    Glad you found your way to my blog. I just went to yours and read your About page. Fascinating. Sounds like we moved in some of the same circles. I lived in Springfield from 1992 to Dec. 31, 1995. Have lived in Chicago ever since. If you ever want a tour of my home Jesus People USA Ev. Cov. church lemme know. For as often as I dig (twice now) at your employer (CT) I consider the staff friends. I’ve met David Neff at the Evangelical Press Association.

    Anyway, do you know where Vernon Purdy is now? I’ve been trying to locate him and catch up. I miss him. You’re right he really is a nice guy. He played with me that way because we were friends. And when I told him it hurt he apologized. I never saw him do that with anyone else. So I guess I’m special that way. He was the most personable and kindly man I knew at CBC. I had Stephen Badger as a biology prof. One of those classes I dropped. :( After I left CBC I finished my junior year by correspondence through what was then Berean University located still in the AG headquarters.

    I’m the only one of my siblings without a degree. That’s painful but not enough to uproot myself right now and finish.


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