New Glasses. I call it Geek-billy or Egghead …

New Glasses. I call it Geek-billy or Egghead with hair on the sides.
God I can’t wait til this post is buried in Archives.



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9 responses to “New Glasses. I call it Geek-billy or Egghead …

  1. Sister Steph

    Gorgeous!! So what’s the word on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Can’t wait to see you all!! Your kids have been entertaining/corupting my daughter on the phone (asking if she has pnut butter between her toes and how many boogers does she have, hee hee)

  2. Jen R.

    yeah, those glasses are very hip. i wanna pair of sunglasses pretty similiar to those. hey did i tell you nate is looking at Loyola for his Phd program? which means, hello chicago!

  3. chris

    Yes we’re coming for Thanksgiving! I don’t know anything else. I’ve started growing wings kind of like how Dennis in the Spongebob movie grew a mustache. Uuungh! By November they will have popped out. Then I’ll pick up Martha and all three kids and with a running start off our ten story building we’ll be there. Now I’m thinking of the new X-men movie where the kid keeps trying to saw his wings off. Ewww. Darn I’ve revealed that I’m a lazy movie watcher!

    Gosh I love having both my sisters reading and posting on my blog! I’m popular! And with girls! Ahem. Women. Married women. No the air here is not filled with helium. I do this all by myself.

    Jen I’d love to have you and Nate in Chicago! But I won’t get my hopes up yet. Have you visited Church of the Servant King yet in Eugene? Tell Jon Stock I said Hi.

    Steph, on the boogers and toe jam, the spanking arm is feeling stronger as I type. I’ll have to practice up tonight with the spoon in readience. Yes redience.

    Glad you got your Jeff Gord-on.

    I just realized you’ll never check these comments.

  4. Sister Steph

    Of course I check the comments! What took you so long? I thought we were having a conversation here. So WHEN will you be flying M and the kids in? That’s my real question. (I sent some dates…) And don’t spank those kids — I know you taught them all that — or maybe it was Grandpa Larry =)

  5. chris

    I’ll talk to M about it tonight. My shoe phone is ringing. M is from Get Smart right? I talked to the kids this morning. They’re all so cute. I miss them so bad. Praying for their safe return.

  6. Jen R.

    I just returned from portland, and get this, some of the friends we visited have been staying at Church of the servant King. I guess there is a portland branch. It seemed very like a great place. They were glad to hear you spoke so highly of it.

    Hey so I guess the Rice siblings have offically taken over the post, eh?

  7. chris

    M is not Get Smart. 99 is Get Smart. M is from James Bond.
    Its official Steph and Jen: We’re visiting for Thanksgiving not Christmas. Jen I’m so sorry I’ll miss you and Nate. This is a stay-home Christmas year for us. Please still love me.

  8. Jen R.

    i will still love you and maybe hunt you down in chicago :)

  9. Sister Steph

    Chris!! We need to talk on the phone I think =) I know you are only coming here for Thxgvg. But when?! We are wanting to come to you for Christms, but when?! Give me dates. (said sweetly)
    Love ya!

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