Dusty books

For just over one week I have shuffled, handled, cataloged and surveyed hundreds of used books. It started when I heard about http://cash4books.net on Craig’s List. Over the last week I have run hundreds of book ISBNs in search of a treasured few that would yield some money. A local bookstore was pitching it’s overstock and some friends and I rescued a cart load of books from a sure demise on a very rainy day. On Friday I noticed that the books on an entire line of shelves at my office were getting damaged from moisture and outside debris. So today, with a friend’s help, I took down that whole line of shelves and books repositioned them. My office now has a very different feel to it. Less light in certain places and more in others.
Speaking of old books, if you go to http://books.google.com there are now many free books to download. I typed in these search terms: Zwingli, Luther, Colonization, Thomas Cranmer, International Relations, and League of Nations. Got some great old books in .pdf format. You have to look for ones that say “full view” and then on the right “download.”


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