ipod playlist "New Hymns"

I don’t pretend to be ‘into’ hymnology but I do have to say, the stuff Johnny Cash released for his recordings with Rick Rubin and from his “Personal File” selection that was found in the House of Cash vault, together make for an expanded definition of hymnody. Here’s a playlist I put together for my ipod. A lot of these are story songs, but they all take vulnerability on the part of singer and an assurance about God or the Beloved, hidden or known. These songs have a spiritual effect on me, both in the words and in the way they are sung. There are a few other artists besides Cash sprinkled in here too.

“New Hymns” Playlist

A Half Mile a Day    4:25    Johnny Cash   
Bird on a wire    4:04    Johnny Cash  
Bird on a wire (live with orchestra)    5:13    Johnny Cash  
Christian Soldier    3:05    Shaver   
Down There By the Train    5:34    Johnny Cash   
Down there by the train    5:49    Johnny Cash                
Further On Up the Road    3:25    Johnny Cash
God’s Gonna Cut You Down    2:38    Johnny Cash  
Help Me    2:51    Johnny Cash   
Hurt    3:38    Johnny Cash   
I’m in Love    2:22    Shaver   
I Came to Believe    3:44    Johnny Cash   
I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand    3:54    Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives   
In My Life    2:57    Johnny Cash 
Is That You    4:52    Buddy Miller   
Jesus Christ is Still the King    2:40    Billy Joe Shaver 
Like a Soldier    2:50    Johnny Cash  
Lord, Lord, Lord    2:20    Johnny Cash   
Love’s been Good to Me    3:18    Johnny Cash   
My Children Walk in Truth    2:50    Johnny Cash  
No Earthly Good    1:51    Johnny Cash  
No earthly good    2:43    Johnny Cash   
Paradise    3:03    Johnny Cash 
Redemption    3:03    Johnny Cash  
Spiritual    5:07    Johnny Cash   
Thank You    3:46    Kris Kristofferson 
That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)    2:35    Johnny Cash  
The Beast In Me    2:45    Johnny Cash  
The House is Falling Down    2:51    Johnny Cash
The Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea    2:32    Johnny Cash   
The Man Who Couldn’t Cry    5:01    Johnny Cash   
The Way Worn Traveler    2:03    Johnny Cash  
There’s A Higher Power    3:53    Buddy Miller   
There’s A Mother Always Waiting At Home    4:21    Johnny Cash   
Try and Try Again    3:38    Billy Joe Shaver               
Unchained    2:51    Johnny Cash  
What Is Man    2:24    Johnny Cash 
What On Earth (Will You do for heaven’s sake)    2:44    Johnny Cash
When I Stop Dreaming    3:11    Johnny Cash   
Why Me Lord    2:20    Johnny Cash   
You Can’t Beat Jesus Christ    3:46    Shaver   


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