Dixie Chicks Shut up and Sing Trailer

I’m probably a bigger fan of their politics than I am their music. When they’re playing bluegrass they’re great!



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  1. Stephanie

    Not entirely on subject, but political none the less. We are being bombarded with campaign ads with slurs from all sides. Thought of you–Saw one today about a guy running for some office. It said (proudly) that he was the only candidate in that particular political race sponsored by BOTH the Missouri Right to Life and the NRA. Funny.

  2. Stephanie

    Oh, and another one. An ad on the radio mentioned some republican yahoo that was concerned about saving “innocent life” (not death-row inmates) and then went on at length about the sanctity of life in general. You know he is pro-death penalty–Oh the republican enigma. JMHO =)

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