blogging and key word analysis

I started my own blog ( on April 4, 2003. I started tracking my blogs in June of 2006. Since I started tracking I’ve had 3,732 unique pageloads and 2, 407 unique visitors. I guess I should be satisfied with that. Once I started tracking it got exciting but also unnerving. I started posting more. When I started getting comments and getting added to other blogger’s link sites that got exciting too. But as I’ve spent some time with this I feel like it’s becoming more of a hamster wheel. Blogs are rated by the number of people who either link to you from their own site or do a trackback. In my case that doesn’t happen often. So I could do a few things:

1. change my content to increase traffic

2. change my interests to increase traffic

3. spend a lot of time trying to get other bloggers to notice and link to me

Frankly none of that interests me.

I notice that I’m getting keyword interest from folks doing individual searches (usually study related) to themes I care about. They spend more time on my site and come back if they like it. That’s enough for me. If that’s 30-50 people per day, so be it!


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