update from Nixa (or Strafford) Missouri

Life is much slower down here in Nixa Missouri. I’m learning to adjust. I still have internet access and can continue blogging but even my internet connection is slower. The real adjustment is with continuing our kids’ education while we’re gone. Between blogging I’m watching Alathea so that Martha can school the older kids. I long to continue work on my memoirs and spend time playing those Johnny Cash hymns I typed out earlier. They’re simple songs and beautiful to play and sing aloud. Today we’ll be over at my mom’s house in Marshfield raking and bagging leaves. I’ll post some pictures of this later. I took my mom grocery shopping and to the post office a few days ago. I think of simple things like this as spiritual exercise. I’m divesting myself of my hurried tendencies, trying to live each moment at a time and value each shared moment with my mom, dad, or kids for the worth they assign them. In that way I learn the true worth myself. I’m not as smart as I think. I have so much to learn about the unhurried simplicity of life.

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I posted a couple vids of the kids playing in the leaves on my WordPress site.. I said we’re located in Nixa but we’re commuting back and forth between Nixa and Northview/Marshfield. Two access roads and the interstate make the trip about a half hour each way.



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