Flogging Molly and the death of the Electric Car

Flogging Molly restored my faith in Irish music. I’d heard so much crappy traditional Irish music over a short period of time that I swore off altogether and went straight Bluegrass. Then my friend Jason passed me a Flogging Molly cd. I watched the first half of the Whisky on a Sunday DVD last night. Its one of the more fun “life on the road” biopics I’ve seen.

Then yesterday I got to see half of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Why can’t I seem to watch a movie straight through lately? Family. Oh well, that’s the beauty of DVD players. You must see “Who Killed the Electric Car?” I found it on Youtube, then I went to the website, and now that its out on DVD my dad bought it. He immediately loaned it out so I can’t see the whole thing until next week. Anyway, this documentary is the thrilling love story between EV1 owners (leasees) and the car owner, General Motors. Its the story of California politics and the loss of a clean air mandate. Its the story of a corporate product being so good for the public that the owner gets scared and rips it from their hands. Fascinating stuff.

But of course the larger story is about an American coal and oil based infrastructure fighting to keep its archaic claws on the hapless populace.
(How’s that for a movie tag line?)


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