more on the Flogging Molly film

“When my father died, which was probably the most traumatic thing, we’d one window in the flat. He was sitting at the table there on a Sunday. The sun was shining through the window and it hit him on the face. And he was yellow. I thought it was really funny. I thought it was great. I said “Hey dad, you’re yellow!” Alright? And that was the last time I ever seen him. My mother went outside. She went down the street and she called an ambulance. The ambulance came and picked him up and that was the last time I’d ever seen him. He died. Cancer. He was jaundiced at the time. The next time I’d seen him was in his coffin. So. . . I thought it was my fault that he died. If I hadn’t have said anything he would still be alive, I thought. So for years I used to lie all the f***ing time. I was terrified to tell the truth. ‘Cuz if I told the truth something bad would happen.”

Dave King, songwriter, Flogging Molly. “Whiskey On A Sunday” A Jim Dziura Film.

This quote is an example of the kind of transparency, truth-telling, and lust for life that typifies this band film. Its truly rare that a touring band could love each other so much, be tight as family, truly respect each other and believe in their craft so much. That’s what I get out of this film. Its truly inspiring. Dave King writes songs worth singing. His stories are alive and real. They’re about real people and real human need. I can’t believe how familial this film gets without getting into sentimental drivel. Here’s a hard living, hard drinking rock band that clearly hasn’t fallen prey to the excesses of that lifestyle.


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