Movie Review: “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

Last night I watched the DVD “Who Killed the Electric Car?” directed by Chris Paine. Lately I’ve become a bit of an activist documentary film lover. I figure if I’m going to be fed information, I’d rather go to a source I’m most likely to agree with, on a topic I’m interested in, and let it come. There is an obvious flaw in the documentary experience, just as there is in the standard movie screenplay, that is the illusion that within a set time frame the viewer will have her questions answered.

WKTEC is by in large an activist-educational film. It concerns itself with one subject and follows that through to the end. As I said in my other blog, it functions as a love story between leasees and their cars, the story of the death of California’s clean air mandate, and the story of America’s stubborn insistence on using fossil fuels and hiding the truth about EV technology and recent battery improvements.

For educators, journalists and consumers who care about the environment this is a must have film. Buy the DVD and enjoy the bonus features. There are excellent deleted scenes and a very optimistic infomercial on the plethora of alternatives to fossil fuel available for car owners.

I only wish that more Americans outside of California showed real interest in the Electric car.

1. Good battery tech is now on the market.

2. We don’t need America’s biggest oil interests reminding us to conserve. Why should we trust them? Its like trusting a drug dealer’s advice to go easy on that heroine so that you can still be the loyal customer. When George W. Bush says, “America is addicted to oil.” He doesn’t really want you to think in terms of addiction and recovery. He wants you to trust the same government (his) that sued to stop California’s clean air mandate and kill the electric car project!

3. I know of more and more people spending money wisely and independently to consume less. This mentality needs to catch on.


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