insurgent mumblings from the Red Bubble

You never know who you’ll meet in the Bible Lands. Yesterday, in expectation of meeting his friend Wiley Drake, Gary S. Paxton showed up with his wife and another friend at the Free Store in Springfield. (The News-Leader had misreported that Wiley would be there in person.) My dad brought home CDs of Gary’s best selling albums. I’ve long had an interest in Jesus Music and in Jesus Movement history. Well, Gary S. Paxton, like a lot of people, walked into a church stoned and got saved. Then he started a Christian record label. I didn’t meet him personally, but I got a copy of his hand typed and signature scrawled page-length bio. He’s quite an eccentric character. He knows it and its part of the appeal.


Last night I caught the Hannity and Combs Exclusive interview with Donald Rumsfeld. I had been quite bemused by the fact that Rummy offered no public explanations for his resignation. Ashcroft and Bolton at least met the cameras. Well, only on Fox TV can we encounter the very humble, human, tender, and whimsical side of T-Rex. I sat there listening as Rummy waxed eloquent on wars in recent history, from WWII to Korea, to Vietnam, to the Cold War. (Of course I was thinking of his part in the movie “The Fog of War.”) I find it truly remarkable (and sickening) that our Wars continue to be “fought and won” with such tender detachment. When T-Rex says “No war is popular except in retrospect” he casts the same modernist pall over history that I had long hoped future generations would miss. As long as men of Rumsfeld’s persuasion guide us into the future, we will have a future of endless war.


Speaking of John Ashcroft, a family member here is now reading “Never Again,” his autobiographical memoirs of life as the Attorney General during and after 9/11. I spent a little time poking through this book. He’s just the nicest, peachy keen kind of guy you’d ever want to meet. And he’s been so maligned by Democrats that future generations will just never understand him—without this book! Life here in the Springfield throne room of Republican bliss is full of two things: Fear of Radical Islam and Adoration for a government that only does wrong when Democrats force them to. These two sentiments are everywhere politics are publicly discussed.


If Chicago is Blue state heaven, Springfield is a leftist’s hell. Thank God there are more than two choices! In fact left and right are Baby Boomer constructs used by the radical Right to keep talking. When they run out of fodder with the Democrats and Liberals, they take up a diatribe on Europeans. But as with all their material, they take what’s useful for their rant and leave what’s not. That’s how they get to be the only trustworthy source of information in their own eyes. What troubles me when I listen to Michael Medved (remember the Christian movie review guy, who is not really a Christian) or Rush Limbaugh is that I hear the same acerbic way of commanding that propagandists in Rwanda used to spark genocide. Edward R. Murrow would be horrified by the kind of harmful tripe Medved and Limbaugh seek to incite every day.


That’s enough for now. Just thought I’d share a few thoughts about life in the Red Bubble, which I suppose I deserve having lived 365 in the Blue Bubble for so many years.


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