Why yes I yell at the TV

Sometimes I get angry at my Television. Well not actually at the television, but at what’s on the television. As a heterosexual male with a fine working libido and a healthy attraction toward the opposite sex I consider it unfair that network television considers my libido a target for sexually charged advertising. Do any of you other men feel the same way? Do you ever feel like as a sex, we American men are considered vaccuous dolts led around by our short hairs by popular media? Can I get a witness?!!?

Let me go for the brass ring here and tell it like it is. I am a married Christian man. I consider that God has provided for my wife and I everything we would need for sexual fulfilment. That is why I yell at the TV. Someone somewhere is unhappy that I have my sexual needs met. They need me to be aroused to buy a product I don’t need. But they’re using the most spiritual and relational human desire as though it were toilet paper! Shouldn’t that bother me?!! Most certainly so. Even when its not a blatant advertisment, maybe its just a young woman wearing an alluring fashion, the device is the same: become aroused, keep watching, then buy a product.

This is obviously not what God intends for us humans, male and female. Consumption is not really community. God made us humans male and female. That means (and Karl Barth goes into detail on this in his anthropology) that as a man I am meant to relate to all other women in a way that fosters true creative, mutual, life affirming reciprocity. That’s why I yell at the TV. Far from empowering women, it makes them virtual sex objects.

A married couple can enjoy coitus any time they like. There is really no end to the matter in that regard. Everything about them is unveiled and they have the patient knowledge that it will continue to be. That is real relationship. Coitus is a part of the larger mutual intercourse. But this kind of fulfillment and satisfaction is a threat within our society. So be it.

I guess that makes me a love vigilante.


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  1. Kitt

    i wish that more couples looked at it this way

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