live responsibly

This morning I noticed that IPod has this little reminder with its product line: “Listen responsibly.” This immediately made me think of the alcohol industry’s reminder: “Drink responsibly.” So then that made me think: “What if we had those reminders for everything rather vice-oriented in society?”

B1 Bombers would have “Kill responsibly” painted on the side.

Well endowed women who dress for attention could sew on the moniker “Lust responsibly.”

The city of Las Vegas, along with the Environmental Protection Agency could adopt the motto: “Waste responsibly”

But then, of course, the motto’s silliness becomes apparent. We don’t need little reminders to act responsibly. Death itself could serve as that reminder were we paying attention. But then again, the twenty first century way of living regularly so robs our attention spans that we have nothing left to pay!


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