at the Family’s National Prayer Breakfast

 You may think me a scandal-monger but I do check in at the The Revealer pretty regularly and I have been following Jeff Sharlet’s posts on the Family and the National Prayer Breakfast. From the article here’s a list of those present at the Breakfast four days ago:

–From Pakistan, Minister of State for Privatization and Investment, Umar Ahmad Ghuman, leads a delegation (including the famously corrupt former prime minister Benazir Bhutto) to this “exclusive club” in which they hope to share prayer with a list of American bigs, ranging from Condoleeza Rice to John Negroponte to Joe Pitts. Joe Pitts? Of course — the House chair of the Christian Right Values Action team, and an inner circle member of the Family.

–From Taiwan, a favorite of the Christian Right since 1949, comes former Premier Frank Hsieh as an official envoy, seeking “solidarity” with “influential members of Congress.” Oh, and Jesus, too.

–From Sudan, General Ali Ahmed Karti, linked to genocide in Darfur, will come to thank the American Christ for his disinterest;

–From Bulgaria, Minister of Defense Veselin Bliznakov, who boasts that he s be using the meeting to make friends w/ American congressmen;

–From Macedonia, Defense Minister Lazar Elenovsk has come to combine prayer with the president and a visit to the Pentagon;


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