Barth and Feminism continued

Ooooo… did I step on Chris’ hero? Have I exposed Barth as just to the right of James Dobson? Have I messed with Chris’ expectations that Barth would forever be pristine in matters of doctrine and faith?

He’s a mad dog, and should have been shot!
Hahahahahahhahahaaa……. Thud.

But seriously, this is a fun exploration. Let’s keep going. A chronology of when he wrote the men and women stuff in C. D. would be real helpful, as well as anything else he wrote referencing feminism….


Jon “to the Right of Ralph Reed” Trott


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One response to “Barth and Feminism continued

  1. Gosh, Chris… I’d probably not have been quite so silly in my humor, or mentioned shooting anyone (no matter how frivilously meant!) if I’d known you would put this stupid side of Trott on your blog! (Okay, so I may have more than one stupid side. That doesn’t mean you have to expose any of them!)

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