mom’s passing

Yesterday in the early afternoon I emailed this back home to Chicago:

We met with the head palliative care nurse here at the hospital. The level of ammonia in mom’s
system has raised to a level that has rendered her unconscious. This is
because her liver is shutting down. The nurse said that in her experience
when this happens the ammonia level won’t return to normal and the patient
won’t usually regain consciousness. After this happens in time the brain
tells the lungs to stop working and she’ll stop breathing altogether. We
discussed hospice as an option and she described what this would involve.Mom is in serious pain in her chest as the cancer has spread to her bones
there. Any movement is unbearable. To move her to a stretcher and take her
by ambulance to her home miles away would no doubt be too painful. After
discussion as a family we’ve agreed to let her spend her remaining days
here in the hospital. She has a nice room, is getting good care, and we’re
content with this. One by one we went in and said goodbye to mom and
released her to go when she’s ready.

Then this morning at 8:15am mom passed away. I don’t know how it all could have happened with any more peace than it did.
God has been so good to us throughout. Thanks for your continued prayers.
I’ve started a new blog to honor mom’s memory and allow interaction with those who knew her or are inspired by her story.
I’m posting articles that she wrote over the last thirty five years for the New Life Zoa Free Paper.



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2 responses to “mom’s passing

  1. Jim

    God be with you all, Chris. I know he has been, and I know he will be. We will all be praying for your family.

  2. Thanks so much Jim. I do appreciate it.

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