How low can you go? The CD (Church Dogmatics) challenge

Here’s a challenge for all you Church Dogmatics enthusiasts! I challenge you all to share your stories of finding the lowest prices on editions of Karl Barth’s CD available. To start off I found on Alibris a paperback copy of II/I for $7.34! Try to top that! It can be paperback or hardcover, found online or in a used bookstore. In a set or as singles. If you’ve had them just given to you, well bully for you–tell the story!



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11 responses to “How low can you go? The CD (Church Dogmatics) challenge

  1. I doubt that this counts, but i was able to get a copy of Dogmatics in Outline for free. Kind of funny story actually.

    I went to an independent Bible College. I never heard of Barth in school. Apparently the Stone-Campbell movement was more worth my time!

    Anyway the library gave “outdated (ha!)” books away for free, so i even though i had never heard of this guy i said okay.

    I’m glad i did. One of the best books i got in those 5 years.

  2. Well, my German edition cost me more than I’ll admit. But years ago I got my second-hand English set (together with about 25 other Barth books) for about US$150. A retired minister was selling his theology books to make room for his growing library of poetry!

  3. rgillingham

    Ben, Ever fancy taking up reading poetry? If so pop me an email I’ve got $150 to get your collection started!

  4. Thanks — that’s a very generous offer. I should be retiring in about 40 years, so I’ll definitely keep in mind….

  5. Joshua Ralston

    I got a hardback copy of CDIV.1 in English for $2 at my university’s library sale during my sophomore year. I went back the next few years, but never found another one in the set.

  6. Wow. Two bucks is impressive.

  7. Hi Chris,

    I purchased the KD (in German) for $100.00 (Canadian) at a University of Toronto library sale as well as a copy (older hard cover) of CD II.2 for $1.50 at the same sale!

    It was a beautiful day!

  8. My brand new 14-volume paperback Church Dogmatics was given to me free!!! :)

  9. Wow! I’m jealous. How did you get so lucky?

  10. Well, I gotta tell you all the truth. My Alibris bargain turned out to be a mistake. The picture wasn’t the same as the book and I didn’t look closely enough. Now I gotta return it and start all over. I got notta.:(

  11. I happened across your website today and noticed you discussed Karl Barth. Recently, we at Logos Bible Software have acquired Barth’s Church Dogmatics, with the intention of developing an electronic version. You can visit its Pre-Pub product page here: The Logos edition will be fully searchable, and all references and footnotes will operate as hotspots, immediately presenting the cited information whenever the cursor rolls over them. All this and more make this esteemed work even more useful for study. And you can help us see this product get the attention it deserves! Contact me for more info: zrock [at] logos [dot] com.

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