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At the risk of sounding very pedantic and alienating some of my readers I’d like to offer a few conjectures relating to Theology Blogs. In the last few years it seems like every grad student with a favorite theologian has logged onto blogger and become a virtual font of wisdom. This is wonderful on so many levels, but I’m noticing from poking around that the conversation has only remained at a certain depth. Book blogging is one of my favorite things about this new wave, but it takes a long-term commitment and a lot of devotion and work! What you’re most likely to find in many theology blogs is pontificating. The cumulative effect of hundreds of little popes with divine insight is severe annoyance! What I don’t see enough of is bloggers telling how theology as they understand it infects their everyday life. Practical theology. Now I know that’s become its own buzzword and field of study, but honestly, theology seems so much more like self-talk on a blog than a desire to understand. Am I wrong? Show me some theology blogs that are all about incarnational activity and theologia crucis and relational theology!


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  1. jenr

    Hmm… I agree on some level. I think you have a good point on the importance of praxis with belief. But when it comes to blogging and theology, I believe most of us do fall into (in some way or another) pontificating and self-talk. So I value your point and will take it to heart.

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