definition: book fatalism

Book fatalism: the reality that nomatter how hard one works reading books, Richard of will have outread you by about fifteen titles. Also known as the sin of envy which, yes, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.



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3 responses to “definition: book fatalism

  1. To be fair this is helped by the fact that I have an hour’s journey to work by train every morning and evening which gives me some good solid reading time every day. Alas it is one of the very few perks of my job.

  2. I’m just teasing, and I’m really grateful that you’re doing this. I told my wife this morning that I’m going to outline a sixty page a week plan for the last 300 pages of Bethge. I think I can do more than sixty a week but I just have to focus. Doing that will help direct my evenings away from television and toward completing my “Blogging DB” project.

  3. 60 pages a week would be a pretty good output, if you manage it I might even have to reciprocate the cross-blog praise.

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