no other gods

no other gods2no other godsno other gods3

Next time you feel totally powerless over your need for five hours of nightly television remember this image. I snapped this the other day on the street outside our church’s homeless shelter. That TV is a thing. It has no real control over you. If you can’t turn it off throw it out the window into the street, but do look out the window first—or just take it to the dumpster. Wait no, find some way to recycle it. Television is an impotent little god with very little creative power and mostly worthless content. Now of course this image is of a little TV. Imagine a 100″ flatscreen HD TV laying broken in the street, with the TiVO and all the remotes and the cables. Getting more painful? It’s all a very expensive diversion. Remember that. I’m not saying no good can come of it, but for the most part the medium isn’t localized, its homogenized and nationalized.



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2 responses to “no other gods

  1. Steven

    I wonder what Marshall McLuhan would have thought of this photo(posting)?I suspect he would have agreed; I know I do.

  2. Marshall McLuhan is great. I have a few of his books and read in them regularly, but I fear Media and Mediums discussion is obsolete now. Maybe not, maybe I’m just out of the loop.

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