the loathsome death cafe

Yesterday at lunch in our JPUSA dining room I proffered what I thought was a silly idea. I know so many folk songs about tragic deaths. I hardly looked at who I was talking to and I said, “What if we had this coffeehouse night here where we sang only songs about terrible murders, accidental deaths, and prison executions?” And then I said, “Aaaah, no, it would never work. I can’t think of anyone who would come. It certainly wouldn’t make money.” Then I looked up and that guy I was speaking to said “What are you talking about? That’s a great idea!” Then he began talking it up to people milling around getting there food. The next thing I know he’s got a date planned and a whole list of names of artists here in our community set up to perform! What have I gotten myself into? By the end of our conversation I think we’ve settled on Shipwreck songs, Execution songs, Coalmine accidents, Trainwrecks, Murders, Horrible Sickness, and Accidental deaths. The one rule is “not a speck of light a-tall!”

Part of the idea was to charge a dollar to enter, which would be refunded if you manage to sit through the whole night. This would all be sponsored by our Discipleship Ministry and then afterward we’d sit around and say things like “Boy, I thought I had problems. I’m feeling pretty good right now!”

I’ll try to let you know the set list when we put it all together, though I’m still skeptical that we can pull this off. (I’m such an eyore!) If anything I’ll further some friendships and we’ll learn some old songs.


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