Book Review of Zion’s Christian Soldiers

Zion’s Christian Soldiers: Israel and the Church in the Last Days

InterVarsity Press

Fall of 2007

I just received an early manuscript of Stephen Sizer’s next book, Zion’s Christian Soldiers: Israel and the Church in the Last Days, due out in the Fall of 2007 on InterVarsity Press here in the US. Stephen is the Vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water in England, author of Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon and a faithful minister of the Bible where it concerns Bible Prophecy and the modern nation-state of Israel.  I remember that when I began studying the Second Intifada in 2001, finding Stephen’s website was like finding buried treasure! In one spot I stumbled upon every reasonable biblical argument against dispensational Christian Zionism one could need!

Zion’s Christian Soldiers will offer simple and straight forward answers to the major assertions of noted Christian Zionist leaders from a thoroughly evangelical reading of the Bible. Sizer carefully engages American popular figures like Hal Lindsey and John Hagee who are influencing millions of evangelicals into doomsday celebrations. He unpacks in patient detail the heart of the Scriptures that Christian Zionists ignore. I am so very thankful for this kindly teacher. In a day and age in which cynicism, hate, impatient rhetoric, and stewing resentment mark our conversations on this topic, Stephen Sizer is able to speak the simple truth. Would to God that many hear and receive this very timely message.

Stephen Sizer is scheduled to speak on this topic at Cornerstone Festival the last week of June this year. I ask you to pray for him this summer, that God would open all the right doors for this word to be shared and that hearts would be open to receive it!

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