four months since Bethge

It has been four months since my last Blogging Bethge post and I’m really sorry about that. If you’ve been following the series you’ll notice that I really try to put a lot into each post. I work, at times, for a couple weeks on just writing one of those pesky posts. There’s gotta be a better way. But I’ve painted myself into a corner. I read the next chapter some time ago and then got so waylaid by many things that to go back and rehash it has been a daunting thought indeed. My love for the material has not ceased. I’ll try to dig into it again today and see what happens. Chapter Eleven is a transitional period and I was so into the church struggle that the big transition is difficult for me personally. I guess it’s only a book and that’s silly, but can I help it that I’m an emotional reader?

In other news I do have a day job that sometimes puts this blogging project way out of reach. I’m working on editing and producing a children’s book for an author at CP right now. Also getting ready to set up a book shop at Cornerstone Festival again this year. So I’m pretty over extended.


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Ah, I wish I could make it to Cornerstone this year! My old band played on the Rock for Life stage there a few years back. Good times.

    Well, thanks for the mention. And I look forward to the next Bethge installment, when you’re able to get to it.


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