off to C’stone 2007

I think I mentioned before that every year I’m responsible for setting up a bookstore at Cornerstone Festival. Sometime in the last five years I accidentally inherited, ie. fell into the role of ministry bookmeister here at JPUSA. Essentially that means keeping books in print that we feel reflect a unique vision of ministry in the arts (visual, musical, written), ministry to the poor and homeless, and or just books that creatively reflect God’s Kingdom ways.

So one of our biggest ministries involves this outdoor music, arts, and teaching festival in Bushnell Illinois. I wish I could somehow describe all the planning and prep that goes into one of these events. It involves uprooting ourselves from the inner city for at least a few weeks and volunteering in a large dusty, sunbaked, partially wooded area surrounded by corn and soy fields for miles around.

My unique task is to bring book materials, keep them from being destroyed by the elements, sell as many as possible to young people expecting to buy only T-shirts and CDs, train volunteers, shuttle supplies back and forth, retain a semblance of sanity, and then help watch three little kids and help maintain a campsight (washing dishes from a bucket) in my spare time.

We’d appreciate your prayers this year for this little venture. Pray we sell enough to cover a print run in the fall. If you want to see some of the book titles for speakers this year I have them under Cstonexchange in the astore.


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