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I’ve been told by a source I trust that I am a musical snob. This only makes sense because I’m a book snob too. I have consumer trends that would drive any neighborhood book and music store out of business, were they relying on a customer like me. I hear I’m a primitivist when it comes to music. I like roots music that can be played and enjoyed by skilled amateurs having fun. Front porch music. But then what I have playing now falls into the pop/rock category.

Yesterday I acquired Bright Eyes latest full length CD “Cassadaga.” I heard the single “Four Winds” off the No Depression music website and got hooked. So I showed up at Borders for my semiannual fling with twenty dollars to spend and only a few minutes to browse. I brought my five year old daughter along as well. Between watching her play hide and seek among the shelves and looking at three or four bands that I liked, I finally settled on Bright Eyes. I was very doubleminded but once I opened the CD I wasn’t disappointed. The CD case is actually a cryptograph and when you unfold it there’s a decoder inside. That’s so way cool! I’ve never seen that before.

So with that CD, Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky” and “A Ghost is Born” in tow, I’ve got my summer music listening for the next few weeks. I’m really proud of myself that I’ve gotten over my need for hootenany old fogey music for awhile. I feel a little less weird in my kid’s eyes now. For the moment. I’m sure I’ll revert within a short time.

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2 responses to “On play now

  1. Bright Eyes has been my favorite artist for quite some time – and I’m not disappointed with Cassadaga, although in tone and substance it is very different (much more folkly, more subdued) than his earlier stuff. With Wilco, too, it seems like you made some great selections.

  2. I like the track “If The Brakeman Turns My Way.”

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