Man, you know you’re old when you call your wife on the cell and your son answers and you can’t tell the difference in their voices. Anyway, as promised, when Rev. Billy’s church crashed at our place during the Christmas season of 2005 a couple of sad things happened. First, one of the choir members laid her winter coat down and couldn’t remember where she’d placed it and it may have gotten snatched. She didn’t leave with it, we’ll just say that. Second, before they came they asked us to have a coffin made for them for one of their protests. (Maybe for the mock funeral they staged in Bentonville, seen in the film.) They arrived in Chicago just after the bus accident which you see in the film. The director and the choir director were seriously injured when a truck hit their bus. They arrived at our place quite late and quite shaken. So as the story goes, they’re coming down a darkened hallway toward their rooms and there in the center of the room stands this open coffin. After gasping with great surprise they asked, “What’s this for?” to which their guide replied, “Why, its for you!” After the surprise and the realization that this group hadn’t known about it, there were apologies and everyone went to sleep. I’m sure it wasn’t funny then, though its quite a story now.


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