memorable lyric at the moment

“the whole world it loves you

if you’re a sheep chameleon

intersecting circles

she could hang with anyone

but when conducting business

she would lie about where she’s from

saying ‘life is how it is

not how it was'”

Bright Eyes

“Classic Cars”

Album: Cassadaga


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2 responses to “memorable lyric at the moment

  1. So, now that you’ve had some time with Cassadaga, what are your feelings about it? And how was Cornerstone?

  2. I like Cassadaga a lot. I’m still listening to it on and off. There are flashes of brilliance in the lyrics of many songs. I don’t know what to make of the first song “Clauridients (Kill or Be Killed)” which opens with a tele-psychic’s voice guiding his future journey through America, a journey not as a straight line but in a smiley face. Don’t know whether it’s a gimmick meant to prove something or what it is. “Hot Knives” is spiritual and profane at the same time and I don’t know what to do with that. It opens with the lyric “the wife forgave the mistress for she only entertains, the pain was gone the instant she cleared her throat to speak her name, said, “Both of us must suffer from this same unending ache”” How odd that I would be reading about Karl Barth’s home life with this lyric playing repeatedly. Though I know it was very different from that.

    If you like lyrics to think about that stick in your head you’ll like this. Have you heard the earlier album “I’m Wide Awake”? That was the one that got me into Bright Eyes. That one was even more lyric/story driven with more political edge. This one is a real mix of stuff.

    My festival? As always it was hard work, and an information overload, but it was also very memorable. Did you read my earlier post on it?

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