Robert D. Kaplan: “Maybe Empire’s not so bad”

I’ve been catching this PBS series “America at a Crossroads” recently, and while its often troubling, it gives food for thought. The next in the series though, titled “Inside America’s Empire” features the reporting and opinion of Robert D. Kaplan. Kaplan writes, researches, and visits to further the opinion that America’s place as the latest world Empire is better than a good thing. Here’s a quote from PBS’s website:

“Are we being busybodies? Are we being over-extended? Are we just getting involved in too many places that we can’t handle? Here’s the answer: What other alternative is there?
On the one hand we can be total isolationists, not get involved anywhere. But that would be irresponsible. And on the other hand we could let problems build up and fester to a point where every once in a while we’d have to invade with a large number of infantry, and we’d have more Iraq’s. So the real answer to avoiding future Iraq’s is not to be involved in less places, but more. ”
–Robert Kaplan

According to this logic, we shouldn’t complain because, essentially we enjoy our way of life too much to give it up. Kaplan does all he can to undermine the place of a Judeo-Christian ethic for geopolitics.

I found Andrew Bacevich’s critique  of Kaplan’s latest book Imperial Grunts quite interesting.

“With his new book, Kaplan turns from describing the world’s ills to proposing a remedy. The antidote to anarchy is empire, policed by American soldiers holding an assault rifle in one hand and offering candy bars with the other.”

What is this? Fox-TV come to PBS? Pleez! Sometimes I watch this kind of thing just to get my blood boiling, but not this time.


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