protestant journey

My sister Jen and her husband Nate, brave souls that they are, have tried Orthodoxy and found it wanting. Read a bit about their journey here. I applaud their courage and honesty, and I’ll be praying for them on their continued journey to find a local church family. There is nothing simple about living as a committed Christian in this day and age. We know that unlike our consumer decisions, Christianity calls us to life decisions that demand commitment and service that are koinonia oriented rather than transaction oriented. We’re tempted to see all of our lives and relationships as transactions, as though we gave our time and money to the church like we do the phone or cable company. But the ekklesia community of the New Testament is a household of faith that interacts with each other in ways that controverted the power and influence of it’s culture, and this should happen in ours today. Our bodies, our money, even our stuff, all belongs to Jesus Christ and the household of faith. That makes life in the Church a dance, to say the least.


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  1. Jen

    In response to the post, , I probably would not say, ” I tried Orthodoxy and found it wanting”. I would rather want emphasis on how much I have learned from my experiences in the Orthodox faith and community along with how much I highly recommend protestants worshiping with our Orthodox brothers and sisters. It is because I enjoyed our local Orthodox church so much, that I considered converting. In the end though, I chose to remain commited to protestantism for various reasons, but will still visit the Orthodox church often. Over all, my faith journey and understanding of worship has been deepened by my Orthodox brothers and sisters.

    It was good talking with you on the phone the other night. Hope to see you soon,
    love ya,

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