marching and scrubbing

This evening was quite eventful. At 6pm I gathered with many other local neighbors, activists, and friends for a prayer vigil to commemorate four men recently slain in our neighborhood. We read and spoke prayers, sang, and just stood as testimony that we are in this together. We warned folks to not be on the street between 1 and 5am when these things are taking place. I got a button to wear from the Cease Fire initiative. We committed ourselves to standing together where we might be divided. To getting to know each other better. Then we marched around the block in a line with signs and a megaphone and chanted and sang. I won’t say our voices were terribly loud or enthusiastic, but we were noticed.

Immediately after this march, any JPUSAs went back into our building and got busy scrubbing walls, and cleaning in all those oft overlooked nooks and crannies of our first floor. There is nothing like rolling up your sleeves and kneeling on a tile floor with other brothers and sisters to remind you of your family bond. We talked and even sang a bit. Why is it that when you haven’t marched and sang in a while you get all self conscious about it?

Today began with some emotional ups and downs for me. I didn’t like the response I got from a coworker and I got really pessimistic and negative. The world started out a little dark this morning. My wife and I watched the police from our window tape off Hazel and Wilson yet again after the second shooting in just a few days. This evening I’m reminded that God is faithful. That I’m never as alone as I think. Just yesterday I read that every negative emotion, every temptation can be a gift from God for recovery. Thank you Jesus.


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