just can’t decide

I’ve spent the last hour trying to decide on which 3 albums to download from the following selections:

  1. “Carryin On with Johnny Cash and June Carter” 1967
  2. something from Caitlin Cary
  3. Steve Earle’s new album
  4. Charlie Louvin
  5. Guy Clark
  6. George Jones
  7. John Prine & Mac Wiseman (With John Prine singing  “The Old Rugged Cross” of all things!)

I fear I’ve become a hopelessly sentimental traditional country enthusiast with an ear for certain tones and little else. Any votes?



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4 responses to “just can’t decide

  1. Steven

    I can only get it down to 4. I don’t think that is much help.
    1. Steve Earle’s new album
    2. Guy Clark
    3. John Prine & Mac Wiseman
    4. George Jones( but only if you don’t already any George Jones)

  2. Steve Earle. (but I really haven’t listened to it much)

  3. Thanks guys. I decided on the new Charlie Louvin. Scott, the new Steve Earle comes out Sept. 25th, “Washington Square Serenade” and its not available yet in ITunes.

  4. Just got “Carryin’ On with Johnny Cash and June Carter” maybe because I heard some of the songs on the “Walk the Line” movie. Or maybe just ‘cuz I’m a sucker for their voices together. The Charlie Louvin album is just amazing!

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