I enjoyed a wonderful time of reflection, Scripture reading, reading,  journal writing, and song with my beloved wife this morning. If I have one fond shared moment from our marriage that stands above all others it must be our shared quiet times. All is quiet for at least that hour each morning. Quite honestly for the first twenty minutes of reading and coffee sipping I’m hardly ever awake. But in retrospect it is this time in the mornings that has always been our anchor. For thirteen years now, through all sorts of storms, somehow we always managed to sit together before God in silence. I’m so grateful. God is faithful.



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2 responses to “grateful

  1. nate

    Isn’t it a gift? Jen and I have lately found that time in the early evening, and you’re right, it’s an anchor. (Granted, to stretch the analogy, we tend to drift at sea for longer stints of time — sometimes days.)

    BTW, I’ve learned recently that we’ll be headed your way for the holidays. Glad to hear it! Meanwhile, please send word sometime on that online theology group you mentioned… (via Facebook, I recall?)

  2. Silence is the perfect way to begin anyone’s day, the day I start it in a rush and noisy I don’t function. Glad you can enjoy those moments with God and your wife.

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