Pat’s latest in amazing prophecies

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Bible Belt Blogger, Frank Lockwood reports on Pat Robertson’s latest word from God Himself.

My personal favorites from this “word” include:

1. It turns out, God says George W. Bush is a good man with His blessing, but God thinks he’s arrogant.(boy if that shouldn’t be a caution for Pat hisself!)

2.  The Iraq war was folly (AMEN!) . . . .

3.  Because of the chaos that ensues throughout the world, traditional politics will no longer seem relevant. (Has Pat been reading Jacques Ellul?!!)

4.  Ahead is a year in which we celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. (Ahem, America was founded in 1607? Do some math Pat! Virginia may have been the first English colony but does that really make it the United States?)

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