AG condemns prosperity theology

I’m happy to see the Assemblies of God is officially condemning Prosperity Theology.

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One response to “AG condemns prosperity theology

  1. Oops. I reported this as new news and really Frank’s paragraph is from a 2000 paper. Here’s my comment on Richard’s (

    “Ahem. . . sorry for the confusion. The statement is not recent, or a response to the Senate investigation. It’s from a paper on the AG website titled: “Endtime Revival Spirit-Led and Spirit Controlled. A Response Paper to Resolution 16.”
    The statement was adopted by the General Presbytery on Aug. 11, 2000.

    I fear I reported the statement as news while Bible Belt Blogger said, “Here’s what the Assemblies of God teaches:”

    Anyway, I remember that when I was in Bible college at CBC in Springfield, a few of my professors were quite riled that Benny Hinn had joined the AoG, he claimed, for “accountability.” They presented evidence to leadership to the effect that Hinn was a heretic, a liar, and not likely to change.

    Hinn resigned from the AoG in 1995 according to this website:

    “Many may not be aware that Benny Hinn was at one time a credentialed Assembly of God preacher, in good standing with the General Council. That was, until an A/G pastor wrote a letter to the Rev. Thomas Trask, Superintendent of the Assemblies of God church, in which he voiced complaints about the actions of Benny Hinn at a crusade held on July 14, 1995, in East Rutherford, N.J. Consequently, some time after the letter was sent Hinn reisigned his credentials with the Assembly.””

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